The Concept

The VCC RC-Tube plugin is an authentic emulation of a classic 1950's all tube broadcast console. The RC Tube Channel is intended to be placed on the inserts of your mix channels, and the RC Tube Mixbuss is intended as the first insert on your master fader. Together, this plugin package will recreate the sound of a vintage tube mixer, giving your mix a rich, fat, warm, and deep sound that until now, was unattainable with a 100% digital mixer.

Authentic Modeling

Slate Digital CTO Fabrice Gabriel employed new state of the art analog modeling techniques to capture the sound of this classic tube mixer in the digital domain. Using the same techniques required to model the four analog consoles in the Virtual Console Collection plugin, Fabrice managed to emulate the exact sonic characteristics in a nonlinear and dynamic way, including such precise details as tube saturation response and crosstalk.

Instant Vibe

By using the VCC RC-Tube on your mixes, you'll get the classic vibe of an analog desk. Your music will come together faster and easier, and the result will be the best sounding mixes that you've heard coming from "In The Box".

Product Details

The Slate Digital "RC-Tube" brings the sound of 1 of the world's top analog consoles into your DAW workstation. "Slate Digital CTO Fabrice Gabriel and I studied this console inside and out. We meticulously modeled the entire circuit path so that we could recreate every subtle nuance that makes this console the legend that it is", says Slate.

RC-Tube consists of two plugins, Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss. Virtual Channel is applied on individual mixing channels. Virtual Mixbuss goes on the first insert of the master fader. "When using the Virtual Console Collection, your DAW instantly takes on the personality of a real analog mixing desk. The imaging and depth improves, instruments sit better in the frequency spectrum, and mixing becomes easier and more musical. You can even push the DAW faders up to find each mixer's "sweet spot", says Slate.

  • Includes two plugins that faithfully reproduce the signal path of the console's channel and mixbuss.
  • Input Level control.
  • Drive control.
  • Sophisticated Grouping System.
  • Console Output Trims.


"Loving the new VCC. I have pulled up a number of older mixes and added the VCC and I like the results so much I wish I could use it to remaster everything I’ve done."

- Mark Linett

"I mixed Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Grace Potter 'In the box' using the Virtual Console Collection.”

- Justin Niebank

“Slate's VCC brings a subtle but very real magic to your DAW's mixer, making the mixing process more fun and producing more engaging end results.”

- Sam Inglis, Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound


Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual Core Intel or AMD Processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Above
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • iLok2 Required

Recommended System Requirements

  • Quad Core Intel or AMD Processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or Above
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • iLok2 Required

 Supported Plugin Formats

  • 32bit and 64bit: AAX, VST2, VST3, and AU