Who knew digital could sound this good

Check out these user submitted "before" and "after" mixes using the VIRTUAL CONSOLE COLLECTION

Murray Campbell - Beatworld - Indian Ocean Band - Jean De Luz
Based in Western Australia, Indian Ocean Band is recording an album of songs written by John Bailey. Basic tracking done at Satellite Recording Studio by Darren Halifax. Overdubs, mixing and mastering by Murray Campbell (Beatworld). Mixes of the song "Jean De Luz" are offered with VCC and without. On "Jean De Luz" :: John Bailey - vocals, guitars, Tony Borthwick - sax, Roy Martinez - bass, Murray Campbell - drums, percussion
Fastlane Studios - VCC comparison demos
Based in Ireland, Fastlane studios offer composition, production, mixing, and mastering.
Alan Gold AKA Zilla - Rainbows
Composer Alan Gold AKA Zilla has a history that goes way back to the old school in the truest sense of the world, birthed in the era of dusty breakbeats, mixtapes and graffitti. Hip Hop became both a lifestyle, and a career choice. "Rainbows" written and sung by Amy O'Hara from Ireland; Produced, Programmed and arranged by Zilla for Agzilla Productions.
Jason Fowler - Blood In The Water
Musician/Engineer. "Blood In The Water" by Dennis Burns; Dennis Burns - vocal and guitar; Jim Marnocha - lap steel.
Josh Fix - Julia and Cheap Trick
Musician, Producer, Engineer; Songs by The Color of Dinosaurs
Frank Arnold - Human Beings
Mixer, Mastering Engineer, Producer Country: Germany (Berlin) Style: Electronic DAW: Cubase 6
Jeremey Dahl - Slivers of Silver
Hip Hop, House, Trance Producer
David Gary - Trimix - Repulse (original mix)
They are set to bring a whole new experience in trance and progressive. Droolotte Tasha, Samuel Dan and David Gary are a pulsating musical force under the name TRIMIX. These three different individuals also possess a knack for cutting edge productions. David Gary and Samuel Dan both honed their skills through production house and recording artist work. Droolotte Tasha on the other hand came fresh from pushing her own limits through gigs in the local and international scene. Spirits are running high currently between the trio as they share the same passion in creating new soundscapes in music, establishing a cohesive identity and aiming high for the future. Having unreleased tracks that had been raved amongst their peers, they have now garnered recognition in the dance music scene locally and abroad. TRIMIX symbolises 3 mixtures of different compounds into one, creating an ecstatic result. These in mind, their DJ sets are unique, exquisite and truly phenomenal. TRIMIX’s wide-ranging sound covers progressive, tech and trance that unleashes driving energy. Don’t miss any opportunity to experience TRIMIX live behind the decks!
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